The EVSU Extension and Public Services Office (EPSO) is fundamentally a well thought out academic attempt to cascade its developed and tested technology for the utility of a focused community partner (FCP). It is a scholarly attempt made up of members of the faculty, administrators and support personnel, together with the elected partners that passionately exhibit the same leadership foresights. The programs and projects shall dwell and thrive in a values driven and educating-learning academic milieu. An extension career in EVSU is believed to be more of a vocation that is primarily rolled out to organize, orchestrate and execute a purposive-collaborative activity utilizing an informed process of situational analysis, gaps identification and consensus building directed towards a particular end (extension agenda) that is designed and built on activities of socio-economic empowerment of the individuals, families and communities that are generally measured as economically challenged. The principal mission of the Office is the empowerment of the people in the partner-community. The EVSU extension community initializes in nurturing of a sustainable pro-active environment where the faculty members and the support staff accomplish the desired extension outcomes, not because of their expertise or competence, empowerment, and accountability, but because they care and find genuine self-fulfillment in helping others.