Competent, mature, productive and self-fulfilled students imbued with moral and social values who are intellectually, emotionally and socially prepared to assume their roles in the society.


Developing a fully-functioning student who will be trained on effective life skills (human relations, values communicatons, coping mechanisms, leadership, problem-solving, decision-making) and assisted to make realistic, educational and career plans that will respond to the objectives and goals of LIT.


Assist student to achieve maximum development of their potentials to effectively function as value-oriented, work-oriented and self-directing morally upright social beings satisfying to themselves and society.


  1. Facilitating Behavior Change
    • The guiding principle of the office is derived from the theory indicating that the goal of counseling is to bring a change in behavior, which ultimately if not immediately will enable the client to live a more productive, satisfying life.
  2. Enhancing Coping Skills
    • All individuals run into difficulties in the process of growing up. A guidance program to be considered functional facilities learning behavior patterns, which is hoped to alleviate anxiety and emotional difficulty for the individual. Helping individuals learn to cope with such situations and the accompanying demands is an important goal of counseling.
  3. Promoting Decision Making
    • The services offered by the office e.g. counseling help individuals obtain information to emotional concerns that may interfere with decision-making.
  4. Improving Relationships
    • A marked improvement in the quality of interaction and relationships with others is also an eventual interaction-output which the office hopes to achieve.
  5. Facilitating the Client’s Potential
    • A frequently emphasized goal of the office is an improvement of personal effectiveness in all facets of the individual.


  • Individual counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Transactional analysis and Family Systems
  • Guidance Groups
  • Encounter or Sensitivity Groups
  • Behavioral Counseling recognizes that there is a cognitive element in behavior. This makes use of highly specialized techniques such as systematic desensitizing, assertion training and behavior contract and reality therapy.
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling is an approach to helping in crisis. As such, it consist of intensive work over a short period of time, with emphasis on the concrete facts of the current situation and on the client’s own effort at changing it.


  • Career counseling, is a major area of need which parallels other kinds of counseling, but it focuses on planning and making decisions about occupations and education and adjustment to the would of work. In Career Counseling, values and attitudes are explored as well as needs and conflicts.
  • Career Testing assessment in career counseling usually involves the use of standardized Aptitude tests and Interest inventories which measure abilities and interests.
  • Career information, Career counseling typically requires the use of career information resources that will give clients a complete, accurate picture of various occupations. Publications, pamphlets and on-line information provided for by TESDA, DOLE and other government agencies are made available through this service.


One of the services of he office which seeks to identify the characteristics and potential of the client to promote his understanding of himself. The techniques used are testing, observation and inventory as well as introspection, autobiography and values clarification methods.

Kinds of Tests the Office offers:

  • Personality Test
  • Aptitude Test
  • Personal Values Assessment
  • Intelligence Test
  • Facilitative Seminars

The Office of Guidance Services conducts seminars, training, and workshops for students and faculty in the areas of personality development, values formation and re-orientation, career guidance and life skills.

The Clientele

The Office Of Guidance Services caters to all the colleges of the University as well as to outside clients.