Versatile technologist and seafarers with adequate job intelligence and positive work habits who are continuously supportive of regional and national development.


Developing technologist and seafarers by providing advance vocational, industrial and professional training basically designed to harness the technological potentialities of region VIII


  1. Provide relevant in-service training to enhance professional competencies of faculty and staff for quality instruction.
  2. Produce globally competitive and value laden graduates through competency-based instruction for sustainable regional and national development.
  3. Harness the capabilities of faculty, staff and students by engaging in research, extension and production for technological invention and innovation to improve instruction and for socio-economic upliftment to enhance quality of life.


  • To provide training in the basic manipulative skill, technical knowledge and related information, good and safe habits of work and their related knowledge and information necessary in preparing the individuals as a world class workers in trade and maritime industry.
  • To provide in-service training and extension or supplemental education for the purpose of upgrading work skills, technical knowledge and related information and job intelligence for persons already employed in the trade, industrial and maritime pursuits with the view of helping them obtain a higher position or better wages in the industry.
  • To provide the faculty and students with the training, for them to acquire advance research capabilities and/or competencies.
  • To render services to out-of-school youth, unemployed adults, disabled and other interested individuals in the transfer of various technologies.
  • To harness the expertise of faculty members and students in the different fields of specialization to increase productivity.


    • Courses will be updated soon.