Director’s Message

This school year reached its conclusion and yet again, EVSU-Tanauan Campus has produced another crop promising competent professionals. My dear graduates, as you move forward and dwell on your future careers, don’t forget to show gratitude to the people who gave you support and inspiration to achieve this remarkable milestone. On behalf of the administration, faculty members and staff my heartfelt congratulations. Indeed, your sojourn in this educational institution have made you stronger, wiser and ready for your endeavoured field of profession.

EVSU-Tanauan, Campus is filled with so much confidence that you will carry the fire of passion and commitment to become valuable assets in the community and to the country as a whole. Time has been changing and will continue to do so, consequently, I fervently encourage you to seek advancement in your chosen careers to adapt with the inevitable but I humbly ask you as well to utilize the knowledge and character that you have gained in your alma mater for these will help you build a strong foundation for your success.

As beautiful as life may be, it is also an ensemble of different challenges that have different levels of difficulty. Whenever stuck in a predicament or feel like falling on a cliff, just maintain a keen composure, reflect on how far you have gone and how much pain you endured and be guided by the light behind your fighting spirit. Remember that you have a purpose because your success is not solely yours to relish but a gift to mankind as well. Therefore, your talents and skills are not for you to serve yourselves but an instrument of God to make the world a better place. Moreover, don’t say that you will be completely content when you have achieved everything you want because the nature of us human beings is to keep on hankering. Enjoy the process of trying to win because happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Finally, always be cognizant of our dear GOD’s presence that he will always be ready to be your comfort in every downfall and will always be your backbone in reaching every success. Good luck and Godspeed my dear graduates.

Campus Director